Owner, Team Leader, Real Estate Agent

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson, Owner, Team Leader, Real Estate Agent

Ashley Johnson first planted roots in Richmond Hill nearly 15 years ago and has since become one of the Savannah area’s premier figures in real estate. As an owner and the team leader of The Johnson Group, she works as the company’s main listing agent and has helped her team become the top selling team in the area. She also puts great focus on growing, educating, and supporting her team of buyer’s agents.

Her natural talent for leadership was refined during her first career in the medical field. Although she found it to be incredibly rewarding work, she discovered that she could achieve much greater financial independence as a real estate agent, and soon joined the team. Even after she became the full time Director of Operations in 2019, she still worked some nights at the hospital in the Pediatric ER, a role she also loved. When company founder Randy Bocook retired in 2022, she became a partner in the company, and under her leadership, The Johnson Team continues to educate and mentor the area’s future generation of real estate agents.

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